Four times the fun!

Baking bread on sticks, family trekking, craft parties, Happy Discos, rafting and mixing mocktails – the list of experiences at the Alpenhof is loooong! And they can all be assigned to at least one of our four adventure areas.

Heaven on earth for nature explorers!

Two children stroke two rabbits

Open your eyes and prick up your ears! It’s time to get out into nature! Walk barefoot over soft forest soil, smell fresh hay, and listen to the happy buzzing, chirping and twittering. Catch snowflakes on your tongue and marvel at the sparkle of ice crystals. There is so much to discover and experience with all your senses.

Discover your inner self

Two children painting together with wooden paints

At the Alpenhof, “concentration” stands for the feather-light feeling of being completely at one with yourself. Finding peace and relaxation, discovering yourself and being completely absorbed in your own activities. Children are natural professionals in this field. It is the origin of imagination and creativity.

Try new things and reach for the stars

Woman explains to children how to take the cookie cutters

Learn cool dance moves, bake Christmas biscuits or practice archery: holidays are the best time to try something new. And who knows – maybe the Alpenhof Adventure Area will awaken a dormant superpower? The experiences in this category specifically promote new interests and skills.

Your heart might skip a beat!

Boy hanging in the climbing room

Alpenhof time means time to test your bravery, too! A family holiday is a perfect opportunity to discover your limits, push yourself beyond them and dare to try something new. This experience category is all about self-awareness, self-confidence and finding out who you are. Parents and children can dive into new worlds and celebrate small successes. And, as always, lots of fun, freedom and plenty of thrills included.

Toddler with marble in hand
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