One for all and all for one!

Is a family holiday at the Alpenhof worth it? Oh, yeah! There are about a thousand reasons to visit us in Meransen. As a family hotel, this is not only a place for children but also for adults!

The ultimate stay for the little ones!

Baby sits on gummy horse and laughs

The very first holiday can be something special! Even though planning a holiday can be a challenge, once you’ve arrived, you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly. You will find a warm welcome here, and you are free to do as you please. All you have to do is pack the essentials for your little family – the great Alpenhof team will take care of the rest. Everything is ready to make sure you have a wonderful time!

We love a good time!

Three children on a wide water slide

Children rarely sit still on holiday at the Alpenhof. There’s really hardly any time for that! There is too much to discover and experience – one adventure after the other. The only time things slow down is when your little ones fall asleep in the evening and dream of the great day they spent with us...

Happy, happy, happy club!

Woman shows how children can bake

At the Alpenhof, your kids will be jumping for joy! The trained childcare team at the Happy Club will make sure of that. There is always something going on here. You can expect a creatively designed leisure programme, age-appropriate support and lots of freedom to grow and develop. And the best part? When the kids are happy, so are you!

Now it’s the parents’ turn!

Couple with towel relaxing on deck chairs

Who says you can only relax on a holiday without children? We believe it’s actually just the opposite! The Alpenhof is the place for parents to relax too, and it’s not just thanks to the great childcare. We have combined many years of experience, lots of good ideas and a few creative architectural tricks to create something very special. Come and see for yourself!

Family leaning on the balcony
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