A dream for little adventurers!

Toddler in the ball pool

Wherever children’s feet, whether big or little, take them, there’s something to discover at the child-friendly Alpenhof Hotel! Here kids can play and make new friends to their heart’s content – indoors and out! Off to the play paradise!

Where is the next adventure hiding?

Two girls on a slide in a playground

There’s always action at the adventure playground – just the thing for a great children’s holiday! Spacious, close to nature and creatively designed, it is a colourful world of play where race car drivers can test their driving skills on the go-kart track, climbers can shimmy higher and higher, children can play hide-and-seek in the tree house or dredge and dig in the water-mud play area, and the giant trampoline makes children’s hearts leap for joy.

An excellent rainy-day programme!

Girls in the climbing room

The Alpenhof’s exciting indoor playground is an absolute hit with children – and not only when it’s cold or rainy out. This is a wonderful place for romping around, scrambling and playing hide-and-seek. Secret hiding places and mysterious caves, tree trunks to climb, unexpected lookouts and a slide – what more could the little rascals want?

Now things are getting wild!

Girl feeding the goat

From May to November, children and parents are not the only ones staying at the Alpenhof. During this time, a few animal friends come to live next door in our petting zoo, where they are well looked after. And feeding them quickly becomes a daily highlight of the childcare programme!

Playroom with climbing wall, small table and seating snake
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