Six Pabsts:
six times the care.

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The Alpenhof is a lively family hotel that has been owned and operated by some very special people for over 30 years: the Pabst family! For us, the Alpenhof is a real labour of love!

Alpenhof from the near

Family-run family hotel

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Who could be better suited as a family hotel host than a family that lives and breathes “WE” moments every day? That’s exactly what the Pabst family does at the Alpenhof. Here everyone helps out, and everyone contributes their ideas. In the kitchen, for instance, among all the delicacies. In the wellness area and the service roles. In direct contact with our guests, young and old. As a voice for the Alpenhof, as the soul of the hotel or the go-to person for all occasions. That’s who WE are!

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