Now that’s true Alpenhof sustainability!

Goat is eating in the meadow

Everybody can agree: our environment deserves to be protected! Of course, the Alpenhof is doing its part. After all, it would be a shame if the stunning nature surrounding the hotel were to disappear one day, wouldn’t it?

Alpenhof with meadow

What matters here? The environment!

Wooden plate with herbs and oil

At the Alpenhof, protecting the environment is not just a hollow phrase. After all, our most important guests – the children – are our future. And for them, the planet is worth protecting.

We have solar panels and charging stations for electric cars. Regional and seasonal produce are the main ingredients in the kitchen, and we use local natural materials and products in the spa. We also use plastic sparingly, and our windows have contact sensors. When you open the window, the heating switches off – reducing energy consumption by 30%!

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