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Suddenly everything is quieter and louder, more exciting and scary - but without question happier too! Sometimes babies and toddlers turn a family’s world upside down. And when everyday life in your own four walls is already exciting, then holiday planning can sometimes become quite a challenge. It’s true that the very littlest ones change what you want from a holiday: it needs to be leisurely and relaxed - and yet special too! So it’s great that in the Baby and Toddler Hotel Alpenhof we are fully equipped to cater to your little ones’ happiness. We support you all along the way with what may be your first family holiday together with all our experience and lots of loving care. Pack your dummies, nappies and comfort blanket, don’t forget your teddy - and off you go! We’ll take care of the rest...

After the first few exhausting weeks we weren’t sure if a holiday might not be too much for us all. Our first trip as a family of three, the organisational effort, the new environment. Luckily we dared to go on our little adventure, and we could hardly have wished for a lovelier, more restful and uncomplicated experience...

Kirsty, Edinburgh

Big little happiness in our hotel for toddlers and babies:

  1. Extensive range of age-appropriate equipment

    A carefree holiday with babies and toddlers right from the very start. Our extensive range of age-appropriate equipment makes it easier for you to pack.

  2. 40 hours of care for babies and toddlers

    We give you time to breathe and recharge your batteries. Forty hours of loving care for babies and toddlers in the Murmel Nido so that you can calmly enjoy being parents.

  3. Alpenhof à la carte baby menu

    Perfect for little gourmets: the Alpenhof à la carte baby menu! The very littlest ones can enjoy our varied and healthy purées, soups and baby dishes, fresh every day. 

  4. Wellness for babies and toddlers

    A first splash-about with Mum and Dad or gentle baby yoga are the first great holiday experiences for the very smallest ones.

  5. Buggy-friendly walking and hiking trails

    Healthy mountain air included. The countless, buggy-friendly walking and hiking trails start directly in front of the hotel and wind through our picturesque alpine region in summer and winter alike.

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