Vicolo Procken 15 . 39037 Maranza South Tyrol
F +39 0472 520340 .
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Hiiigh up, there is a nest for families. Not in the tree - no, still higher: on the mountain! More precisely: at an airy 1,400 metres above sea level, on the sunny plateau of Maranza. Up here you can practically grab freedom with both hands. And some days our Family Home even floats above the clouds. We’re not joking! Up here the sun often kisses the tips of our noses while the fog is still lying low down in the valley. Wave to the Dolomite peaks at the other side of the valley and count the days of sunshine: 280 per year!

But that is far from all that you need to know about the unique panoramic location of our family nest: for example, the amazing fact that up here, at mountainous altitudes, there are no dust mites. Blocked noses and itchy eyes? Nope! Or the rare alpine idylls that can still be found here. Nestling in the pristine, rural landscape, a world where everything is still in its place. Plenty of nature, sunshine, healthy mountain air and the purest spring water. Plus all of the freedoms that we would wish for our families. Carefree frolics with no need to watch out for cars. A natter with the friendly South Tyrolean cows. On first name terms with nature. Or even the freedom just to be as you are.

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  • 1,400 m above everyday life
  • 280 days of sunshine per year
  • 1.001 moments of TOGETHERNESS

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